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Chiefs lost. :(

Not the best way to end my night, but if there’s one team I can handle them losing to, it’s the Crusaders.  I love it when these two teams play! It’s always a physical match and tonight was no different. Was a great game to watch and here’s hoping for a better result next week.

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I saw this picture on Tumblr and it reminded me of the time me and my mum thought we’d lost our puppy. (now our dog).  He was like 5 weeks old - smaller than a cat - and we couldn’t find him anywhere.  So we looked all over the section and even at the neighbours for at least 20 minutes and when we were about to admit defeat I went inside and I found him.  The whole time he had been sleeping inside the cat scratcher. That thing only just fitted a cat.  It was pretty funny and extremely cute at the same time.

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"I never fucking said that"

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also jesus

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The Dali Llama.


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Nick Cummins scores triple meat against the Tahs

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Ihaia West called into Blues squad →

Yay! This is what the Blues need, plus Ihaia West totally deserves this. I know they’ve still got Simon Hickey and Chris Noakes but I’m expecting that if they give him a chance he’ll outplay them both. One of my main issues with the Blues this season is that I don’t think they signed a good first-five - one that can stand up to the calibre of first-fives that the other NZ Super Rugby teams have.  There were many viable options for John Kirwin to pick, like Ihaia but also Marty Banks (who would be performing better in Super Rugby if he got to play no.10).  I know it’s a big call to think Ihaia will be that good, but he’s got that ‘magic’ (if you will) that I think the Blues are missing in their first-five.  

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I’m amazed at how much my dad doesn’t like kids considering he had two.

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